Hello stranger 😉

Welcome to a new phase of your life!

It might sound like an exaggeration, but it's serious. We are living in a crucial moment in humanity, and Web3 will be fundamental in this new stage.

If you're here, I assure you that you're ahead of the game 🚀

Your learning experience will be a bit different. No more dull theoretical classes. We will bring thought-provoking questions and missions for you to accomplish.

Our journey will be conducted using the $MELK token, Brazil's first learn-to-earn token. To earn the token, you need to complete the missions that require learning and the execution of a simple task.

Don't hesitate to contact us in the server you are using to complete the tasks.

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BR Punk
Punk #7406. NFT Collector, Investor, Instructor and e Curador de Event Curator
Rai Auad
Entrepreneur with a degree in business administration, blockchain technology enthusiast, NFT collector and cryptocurrency investor. She works as an educator, speaker, content creator and project consultant, focusing on disseminating knowledge about cryptoactives, NFTs, gamefi, metaverse and Web3.