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CourseKit is a flexible learning management system (LMS) template with everything you need to sell video content. Create an entire catalogue or just a single course and sell subscriptions with ease!

CourseKit LMS Webflow Template
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Pre-built Template Pages

100% Ready to use. 100% Customizable.

Copy & Paste Sections to Build Pages

33+ pre-built sections are easy to copy and paste to build custom pages.
CourseKit ScreenshotCourseKit Screenshot
CourseKit ScreenshotCourseKit Screenshot
CourseKit ScreenshotCourseKit Screenshot

Easily branded

Apply your brand colors and logo to the entire template with just a few clicks!
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CourseKit Screenshot
CourseKit Screenshot
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CourseKit has what I need to build a video course site quickly. Building a website from scratch just isn't necessary anymore.
Sam Juliens
Sr. Product Designer

Ready from Day One

CourseKit has everything you need to get a site up and running quickly!


Why should I buy CourseKit?

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CourseKit is designed specifically to host video course content. Everything you need to create an entire catalogue of content or just a single course is in this template!

What is included?

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When you buy this template you get full access to the pages, sections, symbols, and a Figma file. Use it to make any website you like and then publish it with a few clicks!

Can I build more than a landing page?

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Absolutely! CourseKit gives you the building blocks to easily build full-scale sites. Just copy and paste existing sections to build out multiple site pages.

Can I change the look & feel?

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Yes! Change the entire look of the template simply by adjusting colors, text styles, and the basic UI elements displayed on the Style Guide page.

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